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Bulgari's Gorgeous New Collection is Finally in Egypt

Inspired by iconic divas like Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Gina Lollobrigida, Bulgari has just released a timeless collection that embodies simplicity and sophistication and has finally landed in Egypt...

There are certain design houses that continually keep taking you by surprise each time, and just when you were starting to make peace with the reality that it's possible for all the beauty in the world of jewellery to come together in simple and delicate pieces, they hit you yet again with a new collection. What else would we expect though, from Bulgari?

This year, they stayed loyal to lacing their pieces with symbolism, class, and timelessness. This time, we're being given the best of the best, with three distinctive lines within the collection; Lvcea, Serpenti, and Diva.  

Without a doubt, wearing these pieces will be as enjoyable as looking at their images; the animals we see as shadows embody the purpose behind this collection; boldness, efficiency, assertiveness, elegance, grace, and hidden beauty. With the Lvcea line, it is all about inducing light (stemming from the word luce, meaning light in Bulgari's mother-tongue, Italian). How, you ask? Well, it's about "A balance between simplicity and sophistication, a sundial face, complete with Roman numeral hour-markers and hands, to wind history with modernity, and clasp function to design," Nina Behnam, Egypt's boutique manager explains.

The Serpenti pieces are a classic line from the eternal Bulgari legacy, but as Behnam tells us, "whether interpreted in a realistic or geometrically abstract manner, Serpenti intertwines each of Bulgari's hallmarks together; a love for colour, juxtaposition of materials, supple wearability, and avant-garde artisanal techniques."

And finally, for all the elegant women out there - y'know the kind who don't wear sweatpants to work à la us - the Diva line, Bulgari's newest one thus far, is here to embrace the charm of your femininity - it also comes with different styles and price ranges to suit all. As Behnam finally tells us, "iconic divas like Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Gina Lollobrigida inspired the signature of the Diva collection. Bulgari is inseparable from the Dolcevita exquisite celebrities. The collection captures the contemporary woman’s glamour and essence in all her expressions and styles."

We honestly think if we have watches that look like that, we may be excited to wake up, be on time to all our meetings, and actually finally commit to time management. Take a look at the rest of the stunning pieces below.

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Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Art direction by Dina Bahr and Noha Bahr
Styled by Ahmed Nabil. 
Photography by Kareem El Sabaawy