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#BulgariGirls: How Fashionistas Celebrate Mother's Day

Style mavens Hadia Ghaleb and Nour Aboulela honour their mothers with some serious Bulgari bling.

Mother’s Day is a big deal because everybody loves their mother; it doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or fabulous you get, your mother will always be your supreme. Your mother is the first – and probably only – stylist you have ever had, which explains your many fashion faux-pas. Some mamas, however, go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to raising fashion-literate children.

Even fashionistas Hadia Ghaleb and Nour Aboulela love their mothers - and for good reason! Well, in their own glamorous, fashion-forward way, the two divas teamed up with Bulgari to give their mamas a Mother’s Day they’ll never forget! The proud mama bears and their notoriously fastidious prima donna daughters spruced up their looks with gorgeous Bulgari bling for a sartorially savvy Mother’s Day celebration - giving us a little inspiration about what gorgeous gifts to give our own moms this Mother's Day. If you're going all out, and really want to prove that you're the best child that ever existed, select a piece from Bulgari's sublime Serpenti Jewelry collection; alternately if you'd prefer something slightly simpler, you can opt for a timeless silk scarf or a chic leather accessory. The best thing is, they got the whole thing on video; we can totally see where Ghaleb and Aboulela got their swag from! The duos' Mother's Day shenanigans even made it to Bulgari International's Facebook!

Don't get us wrong, we are still pampering our mothers this Mother's Day, we just wish they didn't make us wear those squeaky baby shoes; we bet Ghaleb and Aboulela's mothers never did, and look who they're mothering now!  

Check out all the adorable video and all the gorgeous shots below. 


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Posted by Ghaleb Production House on Monday, March 21, 2016


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Photo shoot by GPH Production House.