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By Hana Sammour Makes Pieces from Nature, for Nature

‘By Hana Sammour’ joins a handful of Egyptian brands in ensuring that sustainability and style go hand in hand with its environmentally-conscious practices.

‘By Hana Sammour’ is a local brand mindful of and inspired by the environment. Like countless industries, the clothes we create and wear have the potential to be detrimental to or mindful of our planet. ‘By Hana Sammour’ joins a handful of Egyptian brands – such as Minimal Cotton and Saqhoute  - in ensuring that sustainability and style go hand in hand.

The brand plays with organic shapes and silhouettes, and experiments with unconventional materials and natural fibers that have a low impact on our environment. Designer Hana Sammour eschews trends in favour of timeless staple, encouraging one of the main tenets of slow fashion - buy less and invest more.

Central to Sammour’s design philosophy is the desire to do right for and by the planet. It informs every detail of her production process. She even sends out seeds along with client orders to encourage them to plant more. “In the upcoming collection, we’re incorporating more upcycling with both plastic and fabric,” says Sammour. “I believe that recycling and upcycling are always a better alternative, as we already live in an over-saturated environment.”

For Sammour, fashion was something that she felt a connection with since childhood. “I was always amazed by the power of it, and how it is a tool to express yourself and make a statement without actually saying anything verbally.” Style often speaks volumes about our personality; Sammour is using it to speak for vital causes as well.