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Camicie's Summer Collection is Keeping Egyptian Women in Mind

Summer days are passing by and you still haven't gotten your hand on an outfit that turns heads your way? Get on that!

In the summer we all want to look fashionable – on fleek, if you will – while wearing outfits that repel sweat, humidity, and heat so we can still maintain our dignity and sanity. We want things that make us look like we just walked out of a meadow, smelling like flowers and peaches, or like we worked in a fashion house in London, or like we lived in San Francisco in the 70s. While this sounds cheesy, and much like a fantasy, if we told you it's possible, you may just go for it.

All you really need is something that fits, yet, flows – something that can bring tranquility, yet, turbulence. Are you picturing yourself in Sahel making fashion statements and lightly brushing the sand off your glistening arms? Are you now making the summer sun jealous because you're hotter and looking at your direction is more pleasant? Still in touch with reality? Please come back, so we can tell you who literally has that dream in store of you. Camicie does, a collection made and "designed to satisfy every woman’s need for high quality basic shirts and blouses." Camicie – founded by the three sisters, Maha, Kinda, and Nada El Azm – barges into the 2016 summer season scene with a classy and practical collection that will make you and your summer days and nights feel like your favourite Instagram filter.The team of three sisters was inspired from an early age, Maha El Azm tells us, and they have always been passionate about fashion – so, when they launched their own brand, they were keen on creating something that is "classy, fashionable, and caters to conservative dressers, but most of all, something with great quality and finishing." The brand, itself, focuses on tops and dresses – anything from professional to elegant to casual. In the beginning, they were focused on designing classic styles, however, this summer, they're keen on giving it a twist. Maha admits, "Classic designs have their clients, it can get boring, so we added a twist – silk blouses and tops, while still maintaing practicality and versatility." We don't want the aforementioned clients to worry, though, because they still devotedly sustain the classical aspect through solid, neutral colours that can be easily dressed down or up by a plethora patterns and accessories.Camicie makes sure everything is made in Egypt, right here at home, with worldly inspirations. The El Azm sisters also assure us that their brand is not only affordable, but can dress women of different sizes and different needs. Moreover, every piece you wear, you won't find everyone and their mama wearing it since they try to design as many unique pieces to make every woman feel special, classy, and comfortable. With two showrooms, in Heliopolis and Kattamiya, and the opportunity to order online – you have no excuse!

Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more designs, orders, and directions.