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Clothing Label Pink Pyramid is a Canvas For Egyptian Women’s Art

19-year-old Jana El Sawi’s clothing label Pink Pyramid gives female artists a platform to show off their work through her fashion pieces.

Podcast host Jana El Sawi has made it her personal mission to empower young female creatives in Egypt. The 19 year-old's show, “I Never Shut Up Anyway!” was launched as a way of navigating the arts scene while meeting like-minded people. Her newly launched clothing label, Pink Pyramid, is an organic continuation of her journey.

El Sawi first came up with ‘Pink Pyramid’ as the potential name for a local feminist magazine. She never got around to publishing it, but when she developed a passion for the fashion industry, the name resurfaced. Now, her newly-launched label focuses on shedding light on Egyptian girls in another way— through their art.

“I love wearing clothes that mean something, that serve a purpose,” El Sawi tells #CairoScene. “There are so many beautiful artists in Egypt, we're just not giving them the platform. That was the concept with the podcast — having young Egyptian creatives on to speak about their art and their journeys. Pink Pyramid isn't just about the clothes or the profit, it's about widening the scope of our focus on the creatives in Egypt.”

Pink Pyramid’s pieces act as a canvas for female artists to showcase their work and make a little money in the process. “We provide the space for them to profit off their art if they're struggling to find an audience, without having to invest in a full business. Pink Pyramid isn't a brand, it’s an initiative to put young talented Egyptian women at the forefront of the creative industry and have them be in charge.”

The brand is launching March 8th with four art-themed sweatshirts - Modern Woman, Queen of Kings, Glitch of Amun, and Groovy Woman - which will be available to order through their DMs.