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Club BY FYR Releases New Jewellery Collection 'MOMENTUM'

CLUB BY FYR’s new MOMENTUM collection is one for the ages.

Featuring rings, necklaces, earrings, and ear cuffs inspired by Ancient Egypt, Club by FYR has released their hot new collection, ‘Momentum’.

“I was stuck in Egypt due to COVID and really tuned in to what was around me for this collection,” Paris-based founder and artistic director, Farah Radwan tells #CairoScene. Merging history with the DNA of Club by FYR, Momentum attempts to reconnect with the fundamentals of jewellery, without falling back on easy patterns.

Momentum represents Radwan’s tenacity, crafting intricate details and taking her brand to new directions. “We always incorporated gold in our previous collections, but this is the first time to make gold only products,” Radwan says. “This is my favourite collection and the hardest collection to create. Working on ‘Momentum’ in a time of turmoil, with all the obstacles I faced, made it a grandiose collection.”

The collection is currently available for pre-order.