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Club By Fyr: The Jewellery Brand Bringing a Bit of Kink to Egyptian Design

Welcome to the dark side — bet you didn't think it would be this glamorous. Club by Fyr is the perfect mix of kink and Egyptian nostalgia.

Fashion is all about being open to trying new trends, and one particular trend we love for the winter season is adding touches of masculine and gothic flair to our otherwise feminine outfits. Nothing against minimalist, dainty jewellery – we’re actually big fans. But sometime we need to make a statement with just jeans and a t-shirt and wear bolder, more daring jewellery.

This is exactly what CLUB by FYR offers; geometric shapes, dramatic lines, chunky silver pieces. There’s something just so amazingly modern about these basic figures adorning our outfits and adding that extra bit of kink to them. New ways of wearing jewellery is a strong trend and we're seeing that at CLUB by FYR with stacked, knuckle, chain, and joint rings which are set to rule supreme. Bring on those Parisienne vibes. 

"We encourage people to express their individuality; we promote non-conformist thinking; we honour courage in style - CLUB by FYR celebrates the beauty in raw organic shapes and finds influence in the 1970s punk culture," says Farah Radwan, owner and founder of CLUB by FYR. Radwan creates prototypes of each piece in Paris, where she's currently based, then sends her designs back to Egypt where they're produced and sold. "My first collection, First Base, was inspired by my heterogeneous background; consisting of re-designed basics, androgynous codes and the dominant idea of independence and self expression," adds Radwan. 

Now, call it the Gigi and Kendall effect, but, like most '90s pieces, chokers were having their moment in the spotlight with a comeback - and might have even went a little too mainstream - but CLUB by FYR's black Chain-lock and shimmering Mother of Pearl pieces are three-thousand times more striking than your average simple choker. Less isn’t always more.

CLUB by FYR's standout hoop earrings, thick signet rings, and weighty pendants are making killer statements. Call it creative madness or a graphic challenge... CLUB by FYR is making for fascinating fashion.

Check out CLUB by FYR's Instagram page here.