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‘Daddy Issues’ Inspire Kojak’s Stunning New SS19 Collection

Bet you didn't think your daddy issues could inspire a fashion collection. Kojak begs to differ.

New Collection by Kojak

Authority is probably one of the first concepts that humans come to understand early on their lives. We quickly learn we should do whatever Mama and Baba say without flinching, and while this may be crucial as we take our first steps into the world, it can later become completely unwarranted, especially when Mama or Baba (it's often just Baba though) misuse such authority, because, well, that's how deeply rooted daddy issues happen. Tragic? Yes. Common? Yes. Fashionable? Well it wasn't until Mohanad Kojak of Kojak Studios dropped his brand new collection, The Hereafter, in which he is calling upon us to stop running away from our issues and instead wear them to the next party - now talk about inspirational.While Kojak’s previous collection, Daddy’s Dolls, delivered a message on standing tall through hard times and breaking free of life's chains, his new collection sheds the light on the steps that follows.

Staying true to Kojak's rebellious nature, The Hereafter pays homage to those who were once victims of abuse, yet never yielded and stood up for themselves. The collection expresses the message with a slew of pieces that combine practicality and glamour, including structured linen shirts, head-to-toe denim suits, sequined tops and flowy denim and poplin dresses. All the pieces come in bold, unique cuts that bring to light their firm and self-assuring nature.

Check out the dazzling collection: