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Dana Mahgoub’s Neck Candy For Summer

Dana Mahgoub brings you the most lascivious accessory of them all…

We all get a little wild sometimes – eat an extra piece of dessert, max out our credit cards, sleep in when we promised we'd be there on time, among other unmentionable things we'll keep quiet about. But fashion-wise, we present our wild side to the world – you know when you find an outfit and you look so banging that you could just choke up? As in seriously and literally choke up? Chokers are a trend that have been precipitously creeping back from the 90s, and with Dana Mahgoub Designs, you're going to look like you came out of a Spice Girls video – don't deny the magnitude of rad you just pictured yourself walking around with.Dana Mahgoub was not afraid to share the coolness; “I designed the chokers for myself and several people started asking where I got them from, and that’s when I decided to start a line for summer,” she explains. The chokers – whether velvet, metal, stone, lace, or even leather – have been spotted on necks more than hickies all around Cairo. “My designs are more edgy than feminine, so I would describe them as statement pieces,” Mahgoub tells us about the pieces that models and fashionistas have been sporting this summer.The point is, Mahgoub's chokers are breathtaking, and no, not because they’re wrapped around your neck, but because as their designer says, they're made from “lace and velvet that work as a decent base for different stones” – materials that might as well mean sexy. But also, “they work well with several designs and any ensemble perfectly,” she adds. And hey, while everything can be expensive, especially in the summer, Mahgoub told us she created “something simple and affordable for people who want to have an edge and stand out.”

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