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Dawn’s Shoes: The Egyptian Footwear Brand Proving That There’s Beauty in Simplicity

While a lot of designers take the road of the excess, Dawn's Footwear boast an air of effortless simple minimalism.

Dawn’s Shoes: The Egyptian Footwear Brand Proving That There’s Beauty in Simplicity

Clean, streamlined and well-crafted, Dawn's Shoes is the brainchild of 31 year-old Egyptian designer, Hagar Fattah, which was founded in 2017.
Taking inspiration from nature and minimalism, Fattah believes that natural high quality materials are critical for the comfort and even health of your feet, especially in the face of the increasing use of synthetic components.

"When it came to my brand, I knew exactly what I wanted to add to the footwear industry in Egypt and worldwide as well," Fattah told CairoScene. "I wanted a shoe that is instantly comfy, fully handmade, aging beautifully and crafted with care and made of 100% leather, from soles to uppers and only using natural high quality materials."

Arriving in an array of natural, earthy colors, Dawn's footwear offers a variety of different cuts and shapes, all following a simple elegant, design that allows you style them easily into your wardrobe. 

"I believe that Dawn as a brand is up to date to the international standards in shoe-making, and of recently I'm working on exporting my products abroad to Europe and the Gulf Area," an Fattah revealed of her ambitious plans. "As of now, we're working on opening our first store in Maadi and a few other endeavors, including a men's footwear line and new footwear designs for winter 2020."

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