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Dazz Bags: Dazzling Summer Pieces

Who said you can't make a fashion statement at the beach? We speak to founder and designer Nermine El Shishiny to find out more about her brilliant bags.

Summer is upon us! Okay it’s been upon us for a while now but only now that Ramadan has officially ended does beach-going become a thing. And we spent the whole fasting month just thinking about the sand between our toes and what swimsuit we’d wear and which beach bag we’d take and it was sad because it all felt so far, far away, but now it’s here and the sand IS between our toes and we have to get our hands on some beach bags. Dazz bags features a range of ultra-summery, super colourful bags, perfect for Sahel season.

The brand was created by owner Nermine El Shishiny, who also designs each piece. “I mainly design pieces for spring and summer,” she tells us. “I depend primarily on vibrant, floral fabrics and each bag is designed with practicality in mind – the bags are often multipurpose.” There are oversized beach bags, tote bags, clutches, cross-body bags and even waterproof clutches, but what they share is they’re all fun, fresh, bright and make us think of pineapples and waves. With their electric hues and patterned perfection, El Shishiny adds that “they’re statement bags - you can pair it with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts and your Dazz bag will stand out.” We already have visions of us in our beach cut-offs, casually holding our funky bag that everyone will ask us about.

Though the pieces resemble each other in aesthetic, El Shishiny is careful to switch it up. “I make a very limited number of pieces from each design so that it’s more exclusive,” she explains. Coz ain’t nobody wanna be walking down Diplo’s beach and find 18 other girls with identical bags!

You can get your hands on the colourful creations at Vintique and Lalooshi in Zamalek or Dolly’s in Diplo 3, all summer long.

You can follow them on Instagram @dazzbagseg