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Deana Shaaban's New Spring Fling Collection: Jackie Kennedy Meets a Floral Wonderland

The floral prints, warm colours, and structured designs found in Deana Shaaban's new collection, Spring Fling, are the best thing we've seen in a while...

Every once in a while comes a fashion designer of true artistic integrity, and while Cairo is not exactly the world’s fashion capital, we do have designers like Deana Shaaban! The versatile fashion designer just released her spring collection and we are loving every piece for two reasons: the first being Shaaban’s own sense of self and personal philosophy that shines through every cut and pattern; the second is her artistic consistency, which she has managed to maintain from the moment she set out to pursue a career as a fashion designer to this day.       

The sartorial interpretation of the word ‘spring’ has always been floral prints, but Shaaban’s spring collection is a refreshing take on this tradition. The designs are comprised of floral prints in warm colours and chic cuts, giving the collection its prim air. “This collection is different from our previous designs because it is a little less of the asymmetrical draping that is signature to our brand's designs and takes a turn for the more structured. We have also incorporated mainly florals with linen fabrics,” Shaaban tells us. Yet Shaaban maintains simplicity with a few playful touches here and there. “I would characterise the designs as strong, subtle, feminine, free, and an extension to who we are as women [...] I tried to find a way to define women in a light that was meaningful to me, and then translate that into the clothing that we wear,” she adds.The mark of a great designer is their ability to translate abstract notions and emotions into a clothing item; Shaaban has just passed this test with flying colours – both literally and figuratively. “The inspiration behind this collection is one of freedom of expression and of movement. [...] This collection aimed to draw on the nature of a woman to be feminine, dignified, and refined, coupled with the infinite strength that embodies her,” she says.Fashion is not just art, it is a cutthroat industry that often has no regard for the average woman’s character and how she wants to be introduced to the world; however, it's the artistic integrity of few designers that carves out a place for us in the altar of fashion. “The designs are intended for every woman of every age who has a desire to discover who it is they are and to use clothing as a tool to help them do that. My clients are women of all backgrounds, upbringings, cultures, and ages. My youngest client is four and my oldest is 90 years of age. I don't like to put people in boxes or categories; everyone is welcome into my studio who is on the search for self-discovery or who is looking to reaffirm who it is they already know they are through their clothing,” Shaaban concludes.      

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