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Dessilk: A Mashup of Film and Fashion

Because now you can buy an outfit straight out of a movie.

The Black Ray-Ban Wayfarer is considered an icon of 80s fashion, but did you know that Tom Cruise is the one who kickstarted the trend when he sported the pair in Risky Business? The ultimate little black dress was made into a fashion staple by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when she wore it glamorously alongside oversized shades. We're still waiting on the wearing-the-tiara-casually-in-broad-daylight trend to catch on, but clearly film and fashion seem to have an interrelationship that’s founded on the love for all that is beautiful. This celebration of the arts is materialised through young up-and-coming designer, Dessil Mekhtigian.

The Armenian designer who’s French-born and Egypt-based derives inspiration for her looks from cult movies, having developed a passion for cinema at a young age and going on to study Costume Design in Cinema. Her first project, 15A Road 6 - which happens to be the address of her studio in Maadi and the home where she was brought up – is a line of handmade jumpsuits named after and inspired by cinema’s most badass female characters. The coolest thing about this is that, yes, you could totally see the characters donning the jumpsuits, but you can still find them fashionable even if you don't care much for movies.There's the Mia Wallace jumpsuit and the Black Mamba from Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, respectively; basically pop culture on hangers. Other jumpsuits are set to be unravelled soon, and are inspired by characters in films such as the genius 2001 Space Odyssey and The 5th Element – think edgy, futuristic, and wow. When commenting on the choice of her jumpsuit characters, Mekhtigian said, “They’re all characters who have independence, a love for action, and a flair for the unknown. I find myself in those characters; there is a side of me on another planet, a side that puts itself in danger and a side that is sensual.”

There will be more from the Dessilk fashion label, as the designer promises more projects and lines ranging from shoes to accessories. When you order items from the collection – which you can do online, where you can also find videos and short films that go with the theme – they'll arrive in cute school backpacks, reminiscent of the the time when it all started, when the designer was in high school and discovered the movies that came to define that period of her life and ignite her love for cinema.Check out Dessilk’s Facebook and Instagram pages.