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Dicha: The Egyptian Bag Brand Proving There’s Beauty in Simplicity, Satisfaction in Practicality

Dicha’s designs are practical, have great quality and the bags are literally made with love.

Transparent and crystalline Dicha bag

With an abundance of trends in the bag industry taking over the runway and our Instagram feeds, it's hard to keep up and establish a name in the industry. Dicha, a bag label run by power couple Shadi Soliman and Demiana Samuel (also known as Didi) since 2018, opted to do just that, offering a line of practical, everyday bags that are also subtly innovative and unique.

Some people love sparkles, neon colors, spikes and studs, but many still crave the satisfaction of a simple bag that can become your best friend, usable everyday and on different occasions. 

Dicha is here to fill that gap. With their new designs, a convertible 2-in-1 transparent and crystalline bag, and a matching bum bag, they produce a simple but crafty design to suit mornings, nights, and even beach days.


With a name meaning 'happiness' in Spanish - as well a combination of both the founders' names - their aim is to package happiness into a simple, wearable bag. The 2 in-1 bag has a large, transparent exterior, inspired by their successful large circular cross bag, and a smaller, silver bag inside, made with artificial snakeskin.

Prioritising quality and practicality, the couple creates designs that they, and their customers, want to see everyday. “Didi designs what she wants and cannot find in the market. And we go with the feedback that our customers give us. Once, we noticed there is a high demand on belt bags, and we delivered,” Soliman tell CairoScene.

Run in a down-to-earth manner lacking in many big fashion labels, Dicha shows that the people behind it value their customers’ wants and needs through their designs, but they do not sacrifice quality or creativity in the process.

The circular model is recurrent in their designs, marking itself as a staple for the brand. It is unique and according to Soliman, not very common in Egypt. And sure enough, it is those bags that gained the most attention. “We go out and search for the best materials, and then we try it out, and some - many - of the samples end up being thrown in the trash. But it’s an essential step to ensure that our bags are of the best quality,” he adds.

You can find Dicha's products on their Instagram and Facebook pages.