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Dina El Helaly's Vintique Is Launching Its Summer Collection

Our favourite lace-lover, Dina El Helaly, is keeping strong with her much-needed mission to inspire Egyptians to go vintage.

We’re not really sure when the hideous neon green and extremely baggy clothes become fashionable, but we basically can't wait for the trend to disappear as quickly as it was set. What ever happened to fancy fashion and calm hues? Why is it that no one seems to put a fist down and demand the return of pearls and lovely lace? Well, one Egyptian woman is bent on changing that, one piece of clothing at a time.

A fellow lover of 60s fashion and all that is vintage, Dina El Helaly, who opened Vintique in 2014, is on an infectious quest for spreading the vintage. We feel the need to re-evaluate our entire wardrobes. Now that the summer heat is coming in at full force, we're still thrilled to find out that El Helaly is launching her new Spring/Summer Collection mid-June. The collection will include a whole range of delightfully simple pieces in lace and simple tones, with a few twists, proving that it’s different from her usual fashion go-to.“It’s different because it’s not so colourful; it has pastels and a lot of whites. Around 80 percent of the collection is white, and I’m not using much floral design or including tulle, unlike before,’’ El Helaly explains, adding that her Moroccan prints aren’t loud or overbearingly bold. The collection, featuring jumpsuits, shorts, and crop tops, among other pieces, dabbles slightly in the realm of experimentation through its inclusion of denim as well as metallic colours.

“I want people to appreciate vintage style more; they like loud and bright colours, but it’s all about the simplicity and being clear. I want them to dress vintage a little bit and be different than what the market provides,’’ she says with fervour.The new collection seems very promising and we revel in the idea of finally looking swanky enough for art exhibitions and weekend brunches, where we will munch on finger foods and still look fine as hell in dainty lace. 

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