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DnD Designs: Stylish & Sleek

Founded by Rasha and Dina El Nadi, local brand Dnd Designs delivers on-trend, contemporary, and oh-so-stylish pieces. We speak to them about their aesthetic and what sets them apart, and get an exclusive look at the stunning shots from DnD's new FW 15/16 campaign. Check out all the images here.

Some things are just meant for success; certain brands break into the fashion world like a storm that will never rest and will only keep dancing until it reaches its aim. DnD designs, founded only one year ago, is already headed straight for being a household name – co-founders and designers Rasha and Dina El Nadi are going to make sure of that. The design house features a myriad of on-trend pieces, with their latest collection boasting ever-so-stylishly ripped jeans, high neck crop tops, leather inserts, and a whole lotta suede and fringe, in a nod to the 70s which are all the rage this season.

So how did DnD Designs achieve all this success just one year from its creation? What is that fabulous thing it has that no other designs have, that people miss so much? Beautiful simplicity.


“I have 20 years of experience working in my mom’s factory. One year ago we started DnD Designs wanting to provide the fashion world with simple items that appeal to everyone, and with very reasonable prices,” says Rasha El Nadi.

The brand literally caters to everyone from all walks of life and of all tastes. The items are beautifully unique yet so simple that anyone can find something that attracts them that they can pair with their own personal style to create an outstanding stunning look. Whether you like to bare a little bit of skin, or you like to cover up entirely, DnD has you covered, with a slew of stylish pieces that appeal to different aesthetics. No wonder they were able to establish themselves as a successful brand in no more than just one year.

DnD Designs seems to have the magical ability to be able to tend to a broad spectrum of tastes and maintain its distinct individuality. Not only are the items stunning as stand alone pieces, but they inspire your imagination to draw out the endless possibilities of what you can pair them with and the many different looks you can pull off from using just one single item. If this is not fashion at its peak, we don’t know what is.

Needless to say, the quality is impeccable - with Rasha El Nadi’s 20 years of experience in a factory and using very special advanced machinery, the end product is divine.

Along with offering people what they so desperately need in the fashion world Rasha El Nadi is determined to keep going further up. “I plan to have the business booming. We as Egyptians tend to go up and then go down, or at the very best stay static somewhere near the top. I plan on going further up beyond that top, and keep escalating to unimaginable levels,” says El Nadi who apparently believes that even the sky is not the limit. We like that. Because really, at the end her success comes to our benefit in finding fashionable items that make us unique yet maintain simplicity and gracefulness.

Currently DnD Designs are on show at concept store Boho Gallery. Their rare combination of blending on-point trends, excellent quality, and prices that not only royals can afford, has won them a fan-girling customer base, who naturally, keep going back for more.

Stay tuned for our new fall / winter collection 2015

Posted by DnD Designs on Monday, October 19, 2015


For now, visit Boho Gallery or DnD Design’s Facebook page. You now have the luxury to have any item you choose in any colour and size. So use that luxury before they become too famous to cater to personal requests. We are very excited, and we’re going shopping right now.

You can check out the rest of the shoot for their latest collection below!

Art direction, styling and photography by Nouran Khalifa.

Collection modelled by Zaynab Azzam.

Hair styled by Kriss Beauty Salons.

Makeup by Reham Khalifa.

Special thanks to Big Billboard

Check out DnD's Facebook page here, and Instagram here.