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Dominae: Where Elegance Matters

Whoever said old is gold was definitely right; Dominae, the latest fashion brand to hit the city, brings classic elegance to the forefront.

Mai Khaddam and Iman Fahmy have joined forces to defeat the cliché empire of the fashion world with their new brand, Dominae. With beautifully handmade products and genuine designs, they decided to name their brand Dominae - the Latin word for 'lady' and the name truly represents what this brand stands for: class and beauty.

The aesthetic of this brand is simple and basic; elegance is key when it comes to their designs. Nowadays, all brands are seeking to be bold, vibrant, and bizarre, which is not a bad thing - but whatever happened old-fashioned classic elegance? “We decided to combine new designs with old-style fabrics to capture the essence of grace and poise, reminiscent of icons such as Soad Hosny, the Egyptian Cinderella,” Khaddam told us. In addition, their packaging is beautifully designed; the box and wrapping are done in a classic and vintage style. “We also try to capture the flavour of elegance in causal wear, in addition to our more formal designs,” Khaddam adds.

They launched their brand two weeks ago and it’s rapidly going viral; fashion influencers such as Noha Elsherbiny are already wearing their designs. “We’re launching a new summer/spring line in March or April. All the designs are ready and we’re planning a unique outbreak,” she reveals. The mix in fabrics and style is creative with a Marie Antoinette feel to it - each design has a different style to make a statement. In addition, they’re planning to expand and open a store soon; however, you can find their designs in Boho Gallery or order through Instagram.

You can check their Facebook page here or their Instagram here.