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Donia El Gindy's Ramadan Collection is Out

Because you can never be overdressed for a Ramadan 3ozooma!

Ramadan is the season for humility, philanthropy, and family reunions. It's also the season to eat your way into a coma at iftar, hurriedly swallow your food whole at sohour, and wake up the next morning bloated, gassy, and thirsty. Heaven is totally worth the indigestion and weight fluctuation though, which we can thankfully hide and doll up in Donia El Gindy’s new Ramadan collection.
For five years, the young designer has injected the market with her own brand of style, producing work that internalises her own personal experiences and interests. “I try as much as I can to be different, either with the fabrics I use or with the design,” Gindy tells us. “I travel a lot and that's how it started actually.”    Her Ramadan collection is no deviation from the artistic process that gave birth to her earlier work, drawing upon her own cultural heritage and experience. “Ramadan is all about gatherings so I thought what would be suitable. It had to be something classy and at the same time a bit conservative,” she explains.What you can always count on Donia El Gindy for are busy prints, lively colours, and edgy cuts. These chaotic elements blend in perfect harmony, but putting them together is child’s play to the prolific designer. “Patterns! I love them. They inspire me, actually. I would spend hours picking up fabrics and not knowing what they'd end up as, then I would just go home and put them all around me and just go somewhere else.”Gindy’s fashion credo remains a simple one: “I try as much as I can to bring something new in every design and to blend the new trends with what I think can be worn here in Egypt.”

Check out Donia El Gindy's latest creations on Facebook and Instagram @doniaelgindydesigns!