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Dorra Zarrouk and Kojak Studio Collaborate on New 'Romantique’ Collection

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk has collaborated with Egyptian designer Mohanad Kojak on her first pret-a-porter collection.

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk has joined hands with fashion house Kojak Studio for her very first pret-a-porter collection. Launched under the name 'Romantique', the new collaboration adopts a fierce edge combined with feminine materials, resulting in a bold take on traditionally delicate fabrics.

Using black leather in contrast with white floral lace and dusty pink tulle, the released designs embody a kind of biker-meets-ballerina aesthetic. So far, six looks have been released. Ranging from a simple white tee to a full-on evening dress, the collection doesn’t skimp on range, but maintains cohesion with a consistent use of materials and colour palette.

No word yet on when the collection will be released, but the DorraxKojak collection did come with a behind-the-scenes video where Zarrouk explains the inspirations behind the collection in French. Makes sense, it does make the video tres romantique.