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Egypsy: Tie-Dye Heaven

Who wouldn't want to wear Rastafarian hallucinations?!

We’ve all had that one tie-dyed t-shirt we would spend hours defending to fashion-savvy friends and concerned parents. But they failed to understand that tie-dye is an act of rebellion we will proudly wear every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. In it, we see reflected memories of our salad days – when every meal was served with a side of illegal substances.

And although our salad days are now far behind us – our cholesterol levels are so high we don’t eat nothing but salad – our affection for tie-dye is still very much alive and well, and our last lifeline is Egypsy. The clothing line, which stems from the depth of Natalie Farag’s individuality, has been fuelling Egypt’s enthusiasm for tie-dye garments lately, bringing the ancient technique to modern day fashion.Don’t be quick to dismiss Farag as an amateur fashionista blowing daddy’s money on her subpar fashion brand; “I grew up in hotels abroad because my dad was an hotelier so, after we settled here and after I graduated university, I went into the hotel business too,” Farag recounts. “But it wasn’t really my inclination, so I started studying fashion, taking fashion design courses. I worked in Zara for a year and half, then I started designing clothes.”It wasn’t without prior determination and consideration that Farag embarked on this adventure and committed herself to a tie-dye line of design. “I wanted to be unique, I didn’t want to buy fabrics unlike anything else,” she says. “Prints on fabrics can be replicated, anyone can get the same fabric and copy me, so I opted for tie-dye to prevent that.”And prevent it she did! In fact, Natalie Farag has forged a unique path in fashion for herself, hiring Egyptians and using locally sourced materials, designing and creating diverse collections. “Every piece comes out different,” she concludes.

Egypsy’s creations are available on sale at Jozee Boutique.

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