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Egyptian Brand Mobaco Cottons Opens Shop in Paris

Venturing into Europe for the first time since they started in 1974, Egyptian brand Mobaco Cottons is opening a new store in Paris, France.

mobaco cottons

Proving Egyptian cotton is king, Mobaco Cottons has opened a new store in Paris, ready to make their mark in the centre of European fashion. Their location in the capital of France, the City of Lights, is the first time the store has opened in Europe since Mobaco Cottons launched in 1974.

It's undeniable that Mobaco Cottons has majorly levelled up their franchise. Although most of us know them as the place where we pick up our school uniforms, Mobaco Cottons is heavily based on basics. Their designs range from everyday casual wear, to polo shirts and suits. If that isn’t practical fashion, we don’t know what is.