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Egyptian Brand ZAAM’s SS19 Bag Collection is the Very Definition of ‘Festival-Ready’

Love, peace and PVC.

Egyptian Brand ZAAM’s SS19 Bag Collection is the Very Definition of ‘Festival-Ready’

Celebrating inclusivity, acceptance, diversity and most importantly, partying, popular Egyptian designer ZAAM's latest bag collection, Glee Fiesta, pays a rather emotional ode to party culture.

With the clear intent on being 'extra', ZAAM celebrates the essence of getting freaky and festive with all the required feathers, flowers, bursting colours, tribal motifs and even more flowers - and then fusing them with transparent PVC bags which represents a kind-of unconfined freedom, unburdened of classification.

"With Glee Fiesta, we're celebrating the festive season, where we imagined our own type of festivals," founder and head designer, Ahmed Azzam, tells of the collection. "A positive space, full of colours, no judgement, no hate, no racism and its all about inclusion of all differences, with no labels whatsoever."

With that, ZAAM sets the tone to his 2019 Glee Fiesta collection. Featuring a photo-shoot that looks like a fashion editorial in a lucid dream, the bags are quite literally festival-ready. Some of the highlight pieces include floral backpack with palm leaf straps, a sultry lash harness bag dripping in silver ornaments all over, and a rainbow backpack featuring outrageous feathers and triple straps for extra safety.

Now, we all know that festivals can get, let's call it messy and rather delirious at times, and often enough festival goers lose their phones and other belongings. Luckily, ZAAM has made sure that won't happen again - with zips, detachable waist belts, cross bags and waist bags, so you can fully enjoy the aforementioned messiness and delirium, without reaching for your pocket every two minutes to make sure all your stuff is still there. And look like your coolest, messiest, most delirious self, of course. Check out more of the bags below.

For more, check out ZAAM's Instagram