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Egyptian Designer Amr Saad's New Collection Features Unisex Jewellery - And Scissors

The edgy new collection by the eyewear designer swings both ways.

As millennials continuously blur gender lines and redefine themselves - using fashion amongst many other outlets - we weren’t that surprised when we heard about Egyptian eyewear designer Amr Saad’s new unisex jewellery line titled The Gentlemen Collection.

The new collection features starkly elegant handmade rings, cufflinks, collar pins, earrings, and bracelets. It also still features eyewear, which the designer is famous for, as well as flasks and scissors. Yes, scissors. "You'll be able to cut your cigars with them," says Saad. 

Saad’s handcrafted eyewear and 18K gold and sterling silver designs, inspired by abstract and geometrical shapes, are a polished addition to the modern unisex aesthetic. The collection imparts a striking statement with a sultry shoot featuring Egyptian model Huda El Mufti alongside rising talents, Omar Esaam and Darwish Fouad. 

The jewellery is bold and weighty with clean lines, curves, and texture. “I personally believe man has a feminine touch and I aim to shape precious metals into forms which embody that - I want uni-sex jewellery to be a trend that lives on,” Saad tells us.

His unique, eccentric eyeglass frames that he's now come to be known for, add personality to the most basic outfit or amplify an already fashion-forward look – literally instant head turners. Egyptian actresses, Jamilah Awad and Tara Emad are both fans of the brand, in addition to fashion influencers like Lana El Sahely.

The Gentlemen Collection intends to appeal to a collective sense rather than conform to a gender-normative position codified by popular society; Saad is tearing down that barrier with full force, allow anyone the freedom to wear what they love. Why did we create that gender-based boundary in the first place? I mean, we totally made it up. It isn’t real - so in retrospect, Saad’s gender neutral collection makes much sense.


You can check out his Instagram account @amrsaadartisan 

Photo credits: Aisha Alshabrawy