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Egyptian Moms And Their Babies Matching Outfits Is The Cutest New Trend

MamaBear Designs is proving to be the fashionably chic way of documenting the most precious moments by personalising outfits for both babies and mamas.

Freaking out at the fact that you will be a mother is totally understandable. Especially considering that after you have this tiny freakishly cute creature depending on you and looking up to you each second of their waking day, you feel the need to magnify that bond in ways other than hugging your bundle of joy until it can't breathe. And what better way to do that other than by catching them before they grow up and have their own opinions, and forcing them to be a mini-you, and ironically, instill a sense of individuality in them? We believe that Nancy Elias, the creative and successful mother behind MamaBear Designs is giving a fashionable reason for mothers to nurture their child's sense of style.

The inspiration for this creatively adorable fashion line began as a form of documentation. According to Elias, "There were many special moments I experienced as a new mama which all started and ended so quickly that I wished I had had a special way to document and commemorate them. Starting from announcing my pregnancy to my husband to the first outfit I wanted to dress my baby in – which I wanted to be personalised with her name – to documenting my baby's growth and developmental milestones, to wanting to match our clothes together!" MamaBear not only wants to keep the memories alive but also chic. One of the issue Elias tells us is that the market was quite immature in producing high-quality clothing, with customised designs, her line can be thought of, perhaps, as the perfect new twist on old traditions, when family members would sew newborns tiny shirts with classic embroideries.

Today, this newly launched business by the Egyptian mommy entrepreneur in Cyprus, offers shipment services to different countries, of the wide selection of customised pieces for mothers and mothers-to-be. "So many resources and tools are available to moms which didn't use to exist in the past. Most of us now use photos and videos to document our kids' development, and their latest cute habits," she explains, and adds "I believe most mothers start out with the best intentions to keep track of everything new and important in their baby's life and to enjoy motherhood to the fullest, but life gets in the way. What our products can offer is a little help and to make it a little bit easier for them while not missing a moment."

The pieces are all personalised to your own liking – this includes clever quotes, the babies' names or initials, or their favourite animals – and they're available for mamas who live abroad and want to include their families back home in every milestone, or want tailored keepsakes for baby showers, or onesies with a blue eye to cast off the evil eye from the newborn. Oh, and there is stuff for the dads too who want to join on this latest trend. MamaBear is just one supermom actualising dreams for other mamas who have the creative streak but cannot get their hands on pieces they visualised for their babies' first birthday, or first day at the park feeding (and chasing) ducks.MamaBear Designs knows the importance of each first moment, from birth and beyond, and the heart melt that ensues with every move your baby makes. And we know that all your babies' firsts may just be Facebook posts that everyone your age who hasn't had babies yet complains about – but, it's that belief in how absolutely extraordinary your baby is, that MamaBear wants to encourage you to embody, rock and own!

Find them on Facebook and Instagram @MamaBearDesigns, or order on their website.

All images are owned by MamaBear Designs.