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7 Best Men and Women's Egyptian Swimwear Brands of Summer 2018

For the girls and boys looking for some beachside glamour, here's your guide to Egypt's hottest swimwear brands in 2018.

Whether you've managed to get all forma'd up for Sahel season or you - like a normal homosapien - just couldn't resist to order that Double Big Tasty for one last time(s), you probably need to swag your swimwear game up a notch. Complete with prices and where to get them, here's your guide to the hottest Egyptian swimwear brands for all the boys and girls.



Once upon a time if you wore something that looked like your grandma had knitted, it wouldn't have been very good for you. But now crochet is cool again and this brand does it beautifully with entirely handmade pieces. They also do babywear! Just imagine a baby in a crocheted mermaid costume; if this doesn't make you die of a cuteness overload then you need to rethink your life. 

Prices: EGP 800 to EGP 1200 


It's rare to find bathing suits that are both flattering to your figure as well as being unique and fashion-forward. We found them, they're at Saya. You're welcome.

Prices: EGP 1200 to EGP 3500

Salt By Soula

You don't need a European passport to sport fabulous French-cut swimwear by the beach, and Salt is your go-to brand for just that, albeit with a much-needed Egyptian touch. 

Prices: EGP 900 to EGP 1800


Gone is the hipster humour, replaced instead by sleek snazzy swimwear and blousy kimonos featuring lots of prints, plunging necklines and cut-outs and whatnot. 

Prices: EGP 800 to EGP 1400



Kai Collection

2018 has been a good year for men's fashion in Egypt, and with Kai Swimwear launching earlier this year to end international brands' hegemony over the Egyptian market, it's been made even better. Locally produced and designed, Kai Swimwear boasts a large collection of cool patterns and slick material, making it one of the hottest Egyptian men's swimwear brands on the market right now.

Prices: EGP 850/piece

Pedalo Swimwear

Literally just launched a few weeks ago, this is Egypt's newest swimwear brand for men. After realising the very obvious market gap when it comes to prices and value for money, the founders of this brand decided to launch Pedalo Swimwear, designed and produced in Egypt, to fill in that gap with cool and affordable swimwear goodness. 

Prices: EGP 450 to EGP 700

Donny Brook

A pioneer of sorts, Donny Brook launched back in 2017 to up the Sahel ante for all the men and boys out there. Their artsy designs don't shy away from pineapples, popsicles, and puppy pugs on your beach trunks, but it couldn't be further away from goofy. 

Prices: Kids for EGP 650 and adults for EGP 1200