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The New Egyptian Sportswear Brand That Is Finally Making Sweatpants Sexy

While we all know that a good work out means lots of sweat, Monni K is the Egyptian brand that ensures we look sexy doing it.

There’s never a good excuse for not looking your most fashionable at all times. Sure, when you’re at the gym, you should be sweating buckets by the end, otherwise is it even really a work out? But while our body’s reaction to the strenuous activities is completely out of our hands, how good we’ll look sweating isn’t. Egyptian brand, Monni k, ensures that we look sexy as hell while we take our squats to the next level.

Monni K’s colorful leggings, adorned with eccentric designs, cut outs at the waist and cutesy patterns are just what we need to brighten up our day at the gym and motivate us to hit the weights more before Sa7el season rolls in. 

“I work out every day and I think when you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and you're feeling pretty, it somehow motivates you while working out,” says Monni K founder, Monika Mansour. “The fitness scene in Egypt has changed quite a bit over the past few years with girls becoming more health conscious and working out regularly. They spend half their days in their sweat pants so this seemed like a good trend to cater to. Also, as an avid gym-aholic myself, I saw a gap in the market in terms of what I wanted to wear.”

While we have yet to find a solution to the plight of our post-gym hair situation, we've found solace and a renewed sense of hope in Monni K’s stylish sportswear. And she's catering to our not so coveted love affair with sweat pants and leggings by gifting us a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. Mansour - who founded her brand in 2017 - chooses the material, colour and design of her collections based on the season.“Sportswear is no longer limited to the gym. It's become a fashion statement, and an iconic style. You’ll find girls around Egypt wearing a sexy work-out attire in the mornings and early afternoons just because it's comfortable. It's becoming the outfit of choice for when they're running their daily errands or stepping out for an early lunch.”The day we’ve always dreamt of has arrived, sweat pants are finally a socially acceptable look to walk out of the house with. Experimenting with different colours from bright pinks, to shades of blue, Monni K line gives off a fun yet sexy vibe. The sportswear designer doesn’t limit herself to a specific theme either and designs everything from leggings to sweatpants to funky tops.

“I just love colours. I’ve always wanted to get into something to do with sportswear. When I realised there aren’t many Egyptian brands that have such a wide variety of designs, I went for it.”

Check out Monni K’s awesome designs on Instagram.