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Eleven Eleven's New SS19 Collection ‘Glitched’ Weaves Culture into High-Concept Fashion

Egyptian fashion brand Eleven Eleven is serving hot looks through traditional crafts.

Eleven Eleven's latest SS19 Collection "Glitched" is Weaving Cultures in High-Concept Fashion

Some of you might be wondering what a tribe of ultra-mode fashion warriors are doing serving us some savage denim couture at an abandoned quarry, in the middle of Egypt's southern desert. Eleven Eleven, a young, upcoming, ethically-driven Egyptian fashion brand that cares about delivering hot looks and traditional crafts equally, are responsible. Their latest SS19 collection, 'Glitched', is certainly an attention-grabber and we got to speak to the mastermind behind it all, Hanna T. Shannon.

"I discovered my way to bring our Egyptian culture back in a unique and modern context by opening up to my surroundings while travelling Egypt from North to South, observing the rich diversity of Egyptian traditions, cultures and ways of life. I strongly believe in the power of business to benefit community development, women and men empowerment and therefore poverty alleviation; all humans have within them a potential energy to create something beautiful and meaningful. " and something beautiful they did.

Knots of tenderly handcrafted Macramé, a 13th century knotting technique that arose with Arabic weavers, break through the rough deconstructed denim jackets, at times through unexpected areas in the jackets' silhouettes, offering a visually jarring transaction. At times, geometrical collars constructed out of interlaced Macramé knots emerge from jacket's bodice, which ensues this playful over-the-top drama. And we won't dare not mention the puffy over-sized Macramé moment happening on the sleeves - how can we not.

The photoshoot, titled Reincarnation, gives a shout out to tradition, through the revival of the age old knotting technique, currently undergoing its contemporary fashion renaissance as of the last couple of years. The shoot presents us with a surreal fusion of tradition and contemporary, featuring killer fashion looks accentuated by tribal makeup looks shot against the desolate backdrop of the quarries, giving us all these rightly placed eerie chills and we love it.

We were a little curious about the future plans of this feisty up coming fashion brand, so we got to ask Hanna what is she thinking next for Eleven Eleven. "We travel to explore traditional heritage, and our future plans would be travelling more across Egypt, digging deeper into traditional cultures, finding all about their techniques, and teaching them new techniques to intermix together and bring unique pieces into our modern world. Safeguarding our cultural heritage by recreating it in a modern context, and passing it down to succeeding generations." Well said, Hanna.

 Find our more about Eleven Eleven on Instagram.