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Engy Etribi : An Elegant Take on Ethnic

Specialising in handmade accessories, from hippyish bracelets to woven bags, Engy's is a brand that's inflitrating the minds and wardrobes of the style-conscious. We find out more...

Founded five years ago, Engy's is the product of the great passion and extreme hard work of Engy Etribi. The young talented girl's hobby of piecing together intricate accessories from thread, beads and charms, turned into a successful business that keeps growing day after day. Getting into the business by starting a Facebook page, with the support of her friends and family the brand picked up steam quickly, and is now home to over 13,000 fans. Using this kind of organic marketing to get her products out there, her unique handcrafted pieces soon made their way to the hottest bazaars and, by extension, the wrists of Cairo's fashion-conscious. 

Inspired Egypt's undisputed queen of jewellery, Azza Fahmy's, Etribi's attraction to oriental-inspired aethetics is clear, though she adds a playful and colourful touch many of her competitors are missing. Having made her foray into apparel, Etribi's Ramadan collection comprised of intricately detailed Abayas and kaftans which made appearances at upscale Iftars and fashion-fueled Sohours, while her collection of summer beach bags certainly transport us to the seaside, even when spotted in the big city. 

Colourful and artsy prayer beads and custom designed key-chains are also available, thanks to the designer's keenness to create, as well as scarves and knitwear during the autumn/winter seasons. 

Find out more about the blossoming brand here.