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Exclusive: Amr Saad Releases His Latest Eyewear Collection

Amr Saad's extraordinary talent continues to serve him well with the edgier and bolder designs found in his latest collection, Anakronous.

They say eyes are a window to the soul, and there is no better frame to your soul than a piece of handmade eyewear in which designer Amr Saad poured his heart and soul. We would know, because our souls need the kind of exceptional embellishment only Saad’s creations can supply. And it looks like the ocular adornment is here to stay with the artist’s latest collection, Anakronous, which has just been released. We are way too excited to function!  The beauty of Saad’s creations lies in the details; the pieces display an array of influences with an all-encompassing style, incorporating diverse elements and motifs. “The artistic process starts at the drawing board. After dragging in our inspirations to a mood board, we start sketching several forms and motifs, then we create another mood board of our own and start comparing them together,” Amr Saad explains of his creative process. “Several sketches are drawn out and variations are extracted of each until we find the perfect collection.”The results are an amalgamation of the classic and the atypical; “the Anakronous collection is a fusion of lines and forms aimed to offer a timeless appeal,” Saad says. “We took the most classic frames and manipulated them for each and every piece to have its own signature. So the main inspiration is classic shapes infused with bold style.”Saad likes his design kitchen crowded; the more the chefs, the better the broth. “The designs are the results of our newly-born product design department […] Senior Product Designer Kareem Hisham took over and started the technical phase, bringing the collection to what it looks at the moment,” Saad acknowledges.

Make no mistake; aside from taking the lead on the conceptual phase and “setting the direction and feel,” there were times when the visionary artist got his hands dirty! “Then we move on to my favourite part: the production – waxing, casting, molding, carving, and a lot of workshop ambiance, working on the details from the hinges to the ear pieces and the lenses.”   The Anakronous collection caters to a category of Egyptians who are rarely addressed by designers and who struggle to find a pair of glasses that really speaks to and of them. “The Anakronous collection is definitely an addition to the Egyptian market at the moment,” he remarks. “The concept of handmade eyewear that talks to people who have their own taste in fashion and would like to express it in every way possible, offering them a statement that is sure to be remarkable.”

We were among of the first to have the opportunity to be amazed by Saad’s extraordinary talent. His love for the craft, which shone through his previous collection, continues to inspire us. The man's gone and made us proud; we're in the proud mama bear phase, now.

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