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Exclusive: Egyptian Fashion Brand PLUM PLU's Captivating New 'Wanderlust' Collection

We're all prone to wander, might as well do it in daring style.

What comes to mind when we say 'wanderlust'? Beautiful Instagram photos of incredible locations that captivate us and make us want to drop everything and frolic barefoot in the natural wonders of the world, maybe? Wherever your mind wanders, rarely is it to the comfy-turned-frumpy clothes we actually end up wearing when we're out exploring the world – unless you're of the rough-it-let's-go-camping sort, you guys are in an epic league of your own. When reality bursts our bubble of expectations for what wanderlust ought to look like aesthetically, PLUM PLU captures these expectations through fashionable pieces that transport us to faraway lands.

With their Fall/Winter 16/17 collection, Wanderlust, PLUM PLU tangibly captures the beauty of the world. The two young women behind the brand, who are releasing the collection this month, tell us that "it's luxurious, and not your typical prêt-à-porter! The outfits are rich and laced with detailed embroidery. Some people see the designs as eccentric, but they're bold."  
The girls aren't even surprised if you find some of their designs different – they know that, and that's exactly what they're celebrating: variety, uniqueness, diversity, and owning the inner eccentric being within you. "The type of woman who wear this collection isn't afraid to be a trendsetter," they explain. "She is bold, fashionable, always wearing different things, and she's innovative – even if people don’t get it, she appreciates details!" They believe it's people who stand out who make the world we live in beautiful, and they've given us an exclusive sneak peek at the beauty.You can learn more about the line on their Facebook, or follow them on Instagram to keep up with their collections, and perhaps shop around on their official website!