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Exclusive First Look: Fufa Launches New Like A Boho Collection

Winter isn't coming anymore; winter is here! So is Fufa's latest collection, which is bound to keep us warm, comfortable, and still hippie-fied. Check out all the gorgeous images from their new campaign, exclusively on CairoScene.

Winter in Egypt didn’t decide to come early or anything, but it managed to hit very suddenly. Just like that, out of nowhere, we found ourselves putting our hands under our laptops, squeezing our heads into our shirts for heat, and doing everything in our power to survive in our summer clothes. Except it's about time we switch to winter wear, and just in time for the frosty weather (okay possibly an exaggeration on our part but 19 degrees is borderline Arctic weather to Egyptians) local brand Fufa has released a cosy and oh-so-cute new collection.


Farah El-Ashiry is the women behind Fufa, the label that has been hippie-fying Egyptians out of their minds for the past two summers. This winter collection, named Like A Boho, brings their signature Bohemian, free spirit, flower child vibes to the classy world of winter attire.The collection, which features cardigans, vests, overalls, and jackets, is made from imported Indian handmade patterns. Their design is simple yet exotic with the incorporation of fringes and patterned pockets - for our soon-to-be frostbitten fingers, of course.We spoke to the talented El-Ashiry about her latest collection - “For me, this collection represents two things: tribal meets boho chic," she said. "It’s the perfect combination of soft shades fused with complex yet warm prints to keep the boho girl feminine but in a rugged effortless way.” El-Ashiry further adds, “This collection made me develop a very deep fondness of handmade products. I’ve worked so much with my hands in this collection that it allowed me to develop a great respect for people who work with their hands.”This collection is made for the girl who “has a soul that is dying to explore the world and get lost in its wonders - tent out in the middle of the forest or even beside a bonfire in the desert. She’s the girl who can layer multiple prints and patterns and look like million pounds rather than homeless,” Al-Ahiry tells us. Take a look at the full campaign below, including all the unreleased images. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @fufa_eg.