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Exclusive First Look: Hemsah Releases The Eastern Collection

Hemsah's latest collection takes us to the far ends of Asia. Check out all the gorgeous shots from their latest campaign, exclusively on CairoScene.

Gone are the days when you would walk through the streets of Egypt and only see Egyptians - diverse-looking as they are, anyway. People are flooding into our country from all over the place so Egyptians are finally getting exposure to other cultures beyond American television and Turkish soap operas. With all our respect to Nour and Mohanad, we need to get a bit more cultured around here. Take Asia, for example - what do Egyptians know about Asia? India; Bali; sushi; karate; honeymooning in Thailand; Sharo Khan; Amir Khan. We're facepalming over here. Thankfully, Hemsah's new The Eastern Collection brings us Asian culture through a lens that goes far off the beaten path. 
Sarah Samaha, designer extraordinaire behind Hemsah, could've easily given us a collection inspired by Thailand honeymoons or sushi, or even karate. There are no words for how grateful we are that she didn’t give in to the Egyptians stereotypes of Asia and embarked on her own journey of Asian inspiration ahead of her new collection. The Eastern Collection "is greatly inspired by the local scenery of Thailand, Bali, Singapore, and Malaysia; the abundance of green foliage and dirt pathways allows this collection a rustic feel,” Samaha tells us.
Samaha was able to capture this magnificent continent and express its essence through earrings, rings, nose rings, neck collars, and necklaces - for both sexes this time around. Using natural gemstones and symbols in earthy, warm colour tones, The Eastern Collection aims to take "customers on a journey into far off lands, and will offer both men and women the chance to adorn themselves quality, handcrafted, ethnic jewellery, instilled with rich meaning,” Samaha explains.
Check out the full campaign below, including all the unreleased images. 

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