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Faith Meets Fashion: Azza Fahmy's Latest Collection for The British Museum

Faith meets fashion as Azza Fahmy releases her second bespoke collection for The British Museum.

Of all the ways to capture the essence of a culture, designing jewellery has to be the most unique. Pioneering the endeavour of expressing Egyptian culture through creative hand-crafted jewellery is Azza Fahmy, the now-internationally renowned Egyptian jewellery designer who is launching yet another collection worth buzzing about. The 2nd Azza Fahmy for The British Museum Bespoke collection is currently on display at the museum, and is in support of the British Museum's Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs exhibition. However, we'll have to wait a little while to get our hands on it as it launches worldwide on the 1st of December.
Designed by Amina Ghali, Head Designer with Azza Fahmy, the collection explores the early co-existence of the three monolithic faiths in Egypt - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The collection features four unique pieces - a pair of earrings, two pendant coin necklaces, and a collar coin necklace. True to Azza Fahmy's unique style of mixing culture and creativity, the pieces explore the symbols and concepts of ancient faiths while making them luxuriously classy and unique. Azza Fahmy's collections continue to capture the essence of Egypt in a way unlike any other, and we're sure that her latest collection will go above and beyond our already sky-high expectations of the talented designer. 
You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @azzafahmy.