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Farah Seif Designs Pieces for Every ‘It’ Girl

Phresh out the runway.

Farah Seif

“You wake up, flawless” has a whole new meaning now that we have Farah Seif Official adorning these Cairene wardrobes with straight sass. The new local brand makes pieces that exude pure drip. Think structured, crisp, girl boss realness — and we’re so here for it.

The line marries femme hues like lilac and periwinkle with sharp forms and edgy metal accents. Talk about feminine and fierce. Seif’s designs are something of a Paris meets New York, making romance and power look effortlessly matched and resulting in a ‘fashun’ recipe for the gods.

Our favourite amongst the collection is most def the Célia set, which is comprised of a cropped spaghetti strap top and blazer, with the structured outward half-cylinder skirt pockets being the statement of the look. Try waltzing into any room with this look and not being the ‘it’ girl. In the wise words of Rihanna, catch us phresh out the runway with this new hot local label.