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8 Photos From the Ancient Egyptian Chanel Fashion Show That Has Pharrell Dressed Like Tut

Chanel's annual Métiers d’Art show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Dendur Temple was an Ancient Egyptian extravaganza.

Pharrell Ancient Egypt Chanel Vogue

Karl Lagerfeld, Head Creative Director at Chanel, took over the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Dendur Temple with this year’s Métiers d’Art, showcasing a stunning collection inspired by Ancient Egypt.

The annual fashion show, and was held around the Dendur Temple, which was gifted to US president Lyndon B. Johnson by Egypt in 1967. The temple was built in 15 BC to celebrate Isis and Osiris, and is decorated with references to Happy, God of the Nile, and Horus, of the sky.

With Métiers d’Art taking over the temple this year, Chanel’s moving and morphing show drew inspiration from ancient Egyptian fashion, aesthetics, and history. The glimmering runway flaunted delicate hieroglyphics-inspired ornamentation, temple graffiti patterns, and gold... lots of gold. With celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Marion Cottillard in the audience, and G.O.A.T. producer Pharrell Williams on the runway, the has got all the fashion magazines buzzing.

Check out the pictures below: