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Feminine and Fierce: Amina K's New Collection for Everyday Empowerment

Her new collection is inspired by women who dream, do, and achieve.

Amina K

Designed by and for the modern woman, Amina K is an Egyptian brand geared towards the empowerment of the everyday hustler. Women are doing great things nowadays, and the new fall/winter collection is specifically designed with that in mind. The idea behind the collection? Designs dedicated to those who are on the go, that want to look fabulous while conquering one challenge at a time.

"Ensemble empowerment" is the idea that one can empower themselves through their clothing, because feeling good in your own skin sets a flow for the rest of the day. We've all felt it; looking in the mirror one morning and liking what you see will have you skipping out of the door in the best mood conceivable, and that vibe will radiate from you no matter where you go next.

With those two concepts in mind, multifunctional designs became the objective behind the new collection. Pieces are created to be cropped, snapped, and zipped to provide more than one use for the contemporary woman. Snaps and buttons allow you to add and remove sleeves, crop items, or remove high necks in order to customize items based on your body type and occasion. The new collection uses an earthy, neutral colour palette that embraces the winter season such as greys, blacks, blues, and mustard for the ultimate elegant but cosy mash-up. The next time you're looking to slay the day while still keeping in vogue, you can rely on Amina K to help you become the perfect girl boss.