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Footwear Brand Atipico Uses Nature’s Gems in their Sandals

Local footwear brand Atipico uses Mother Nature’s gems - whether they’re gorgeous flowers or literal gems - to revamp the handmade summer sandal.

Bringing an air of craftsmanship into summer footwear, new local brand Atipico (which means 'atypical' in Spanish) has got us intrigued. "We named it that way because our whole concept is to inspire women to change up and revamp their look,”  Dina Nour, one of the cofounders, told CairoScene. Alongside fellow founder and designer Nada El Hawari, the pair channelled their creative side to handmake these sandals themselves.

“We created something different than what is currently in the market," Nour said. "All the sandals are made with precious stones, natural shells, or pearls. We’re creating something unique, each pair of sandals is different because they all feature original stones that will naturally look different than each other.” Each pair of sandals takes anywhere from three to five hours to complete. The brand isn't limited to passionately crafted sandals, either - they also create clutches and small accessories like sunglasses and phone cords.

The theme of this summer’s releases revolves around nature: the sun, sea, sand, and flowers. Sandal models like ‘La Concha’, ‘El Mar’ and ‘Chicita’ all heavily incorporate seashells, summery colours, and beading or embroidery. The brand hopes to introduce new accessories and winter footwear into their catalogue during the next season, but for now, their summer collection is available on