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Fouf Initiates Cairenes Into Cyberstyle

Y2K fashion staples are back with a vengeance, with local label Fouf giving that bubblegum aesthetic that extra bit of edge by injecting it with cyberstyle.

Maybe it's a pandemic thing, but since 2020, we’ve delved even deeper into our nostalgia for aesthetic inspiration, bringing back Y2K fashion staples and filtering them through our modern sensibilities. Low-rise jeans and butterfly clips are back with a vengeance, and local label Fouf is giving that bubblegum aesthetic an extra bit of pop by pairing it with the sheer edginess of cyberstyle.

When we say cyberstyle, we’re referring to the kind of 90s vintage, Japanese aesthetics, and turn-of-the-millennium screen printing techniques that are hyper Gen-Z. Jane Macfarlane, art director at The Digital Fairy, spoke of the aesthetic trend prediction for 2022, saying, “The flavorless naivete of cheugy style meeting the weird complexities of cursedcore is a match made in hell — but an attractive opportunity for a generation who want to mash up the mainstream.” You heard the lady. It’s all about dressing up like the Terminator, if the Terminator was a trendy teenage girlboss.

Fouf seems to be riding the zeitgeist, embracing ruched joggers, acid wash jeans, and ruffled mini skirts. “That’s what I love about fashion in general, that there’s no right or wrong,” Farida Elogail, founder of Fouf, tells SceneStyled. “Anyone can implement pieces to their own liking and style and still look as good as anyone else with the same item.” The brand only launched in the summer of 2021, but has since come out with even more pieces that necessitate out-of-the-box thinking to style them.