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Fresh Kicks, Fresh Start, FrshKart

Inspired by the streets of San Francisco, FrshKart is out to bring freshness to Egypt's fashion scene with unique kicks you don't normally find in Egypt.

Gone are the days where you have to wander around Cairo like footwear lemmings, sporting the same sneakers as your comrades. Behind us are the days of staring down at your shoe collection, disturbed in the knowledge that Mahmoud from the club will be sporting the same kicks as you. No longer are you lining up at the Western Union office to transfer cash to your travelling friends, begging them to get you those new Jordans from America. FrshKart’s got your back with some of the sickest, unique kicks you can find – usually unavailable in Egypt – delivered to your door within 48 hours.

“The idea of FrshKart started when I was in the States, specifically in San Francisco,” FrshKart's founder tells us. “I went to Haight St., well known as one of the streets that has tons of streetwear and shoe stores – ShoeBiz, True SF, Black Scale, Diamond Supply, Cookies, and so on. I was always interested in sneakers, so it was shocking to for to see their prices over there. It was very cheap to get fly kicks, at about the same price that you would rock an ACTIV pair here. I sat down with a friend, who’s now one of my partners at FrshKart, and we started thinking about a way to pass sneakers through customs, or a way to get authentic fresh sneakers from the States, or anywhere that's cheaper than Egypt.”

The boys from FrshKart have some big sneaker dreams of expanding to several areas in the MENA region, as well as the States and Europe, with their online shoe haven. In the meantime, expect FrshKart to be collaborating with some of Egypt’s most talented local streetwear designers, and to become more than a place to get unique kicks and hats online, but a fashion hub for shoe lovers everywhere.

“Here in Egypt, we are expecting to collaborate with designers for some apparel, and also to take the photography game to the next level as we style and shoot all our own products to keep everything looking cool and authentic," he says.


They have a slew of new kicks and hats available now, and you can get your hands on them via their Instagram account @FrshKart.