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Fufa: Summer Forever Collection

With a little rooftop get-together today in Sahel's Hacienda to celebrate the launch of their summer collection, we take a sneak peek at Fufa's new looks...

The local brand that launched a thousand bohemian daydreams, Fufa, is back this summer with more prints and patterns as they launch their summer 2015 beach line, Forever Summer, at Hacienda this Friday, 7th August. The name’s a little misleading Fufa; it’s never summer forever, despite what we may wish and pray for. Although with this current heat wave, we’re not sure summer forever is even a good idea anymore. Regardless, what is a good idea, is the overload of boho hippie brilliance Fufa has planned for this season.

From off the shoulder crop tops, to flowing kimonos and rompers, to 70s style bell bottoms, all of them featuring a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, the teasers for the upcoming collection are already making us want to frolic on the beach holding pineapples. Where the hell our pineapples at, yo?

Anyway, the limited edition collection will be launched in Hacienda, on the roof of House 5, Street 16 at 3PM. We’ll be there with flower crowns on top. Pineapples optional.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @fufa_eg.