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Funkadelic Retro Fits with Local Brand Maiden Space

Maiden Space is doing its part to keep the Y2K aesthetic alive twenty years later, along with some even more retro 70s-inspired pieces.

The early 2000s is considered retro now. So, like, if you were born in the 90s, try not to feel depressed about it. Instead, think of all the fashion brands lost to time like Baby Phat and Juicy Couture - gone, but not forgotten. Not with local brands like Maiden Space doing their part to keep that aesthetic alive.

“For me, the idea was pretty simple. It’s a local brand that actually has things I’d personally wear,”  founder Heba Magdi tells Scene Styled. “Statement pieces are tough to tackle. Sometimes they aren’t wearable, or sometimes they’re very generic. So nowadays, off-trend actually becomes on-trend.”

Magdi recalls that she’d often get looks for the way she likes to dress - a style she can’t particularly describe herself. “Y2K, spacey, emo… It’s not a specific motif. It’s just very personalized.” She initially thought her designs wouldn’t appeal to a lot of people, but then she found her audience. “We as a younger generation want the freedom to wear what we want.”

And as it turns out, what they want is something as experimental as Maiden Space’s debut collection. Not only does it mix and match between pieces for different seasons, it channels space futurism, Aaliyah’s ‘One in A Million’ music video, and psychedelic 70s vibes (remember how 70s retro was a big thing in the 2000s? Well now it’s twice as retro, you’re welcome). You can buy one of these nostalgic fits at