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Hadia Ghaleb Launches New Modest Swimwear Line

The social media starlet has made her first entry into the often difficult-to-navigate world of contemporary Arab fashion.

Dubai-based Egyptian lifestyle influencer Hadia Ghaleb, has released an all-new swimwear line, marking her debut foray into the design industry.

Focusing on modest swimwear, the eponymous brand has been in the works for three years according to Ghaleb. “In our current cultural climate, we are seeing separate swimwear stores for veiled and unveiled women,” says Ghaleb.

“The swimwear category for veiled women, also known as the burkini, often focuses only on practical functionality and doesn’t provide stylish or trendy solutions for the women who wear it.”

The collection consists of bright, on-trend prints and design solutions that allow women to combine their swimwear items in various ways to cover up as much or as little as they feel comfortable with, featuring full-sleeve one-pieces, leggings, cover ups, and veils.

Ghaleb will also be hosting a label launch party in the Maldives from May 3rd to 6th, bringing on a host of regional influencers including Yusur and Maryam al-Khalidi, Youmi, and Shouq.

The entire collection is available on with worldwide shipping.