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Hana Sammour is Summoning Summer Vibes With New Linen Co-ords

With an immeasurable love for fashion, Hana Sammour takes on the sustainable fashion movement and procures a line of all things linen and summery.

Linen is a summer staple and finding the perfect cropped co-ord is a fight for the fearless, but 21-year old Product Design student Hana Sammour is making the feat a little less daunting. Occupying the role of her family’s resident creative, Sammour is exploring the notion of clothes as communicative mediums. 

“Fashion is a very strong media for communication, so I wanted to build a brand that’s more than just clothes, I wanted to build a platform to talk about the environmental issues we’re facing, to raise awareness; my aim is pretty much to make as much positive impact as I possibly can,” Sammour tells SceneStyled. “Everything is closely related to each other, it’s all a cycle, so whatever thing that affects the environment it also affects us as humans, as occupants of planet earth”. 

Sammour’s acutely aware of the  pollutive aspects of textile production. “It is generally very resource-intensive and uses a lot of energy,” she says. With that in mind, Sammour was able to interweave sustainability with seasonal silhouettes, “Linen is an astounding material for me, it’s pretty much impossible to have a fully sustainable textile because not all ‘biodegradable’ materials are actually sustainable - a common misconception.” 

In her fight to remain as sustainable as possible, Sammour’s dip into the land of nature-bound fashion comes with her own home-grown initiative. “One of the things I’m most proud of is that we manage to send seeds with every order for people to plant,” Sammour says. “Trees are nature’s way of combating pollution and adapting to global warming, and especially here in Egypt this is a major issue because trees continue to be encroached upon, especially here in the city.”


To get a piece of this sustainable, summer collection, you can browse Hana Sammour’s pieces at