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Her Jeweller - Boho and Bang On Trend

Yet another online store has caught our attention as we scroll through our Instagram feeds, this time giving our outfits a much needed boost through intricate details and bold colours.

From bullets pendants to choker necklaces, Her Jeweller is an accessories brand that's got it all. Their summery colourful anklets, handmade bracelets and highly detailed necklaces have got us all crazy in love. 

Their unique designs fit the vibrant summer spirit, but also the mysterious autumn season we are yet to welcome in just a few weeks! Their rings of all colours and shapes have captivated us and our attention was switched to their outstanding products the moment we laid our eyes on the beautiful stones they embed into their jewellery.

The brand has reasonably priced accessories, that certainly do look in-style and seem like the perfect puzzle piece our outfits were missing. Their bracelet collection has all sort of designs imaginable, from boho Atec feathers to old coins recycled into jewellery, their ideas are new, striking and definitely growing more and more popular.

Place orders or keep updated with their newest collections through Instagram.