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Jaidaa: Jewellery That Blends Modern With Authentic

One of the best-established modern jewellery brands in Egypt, having been selling their precious pieces for over 15 years now, Jaidaa's founders explain how they've achieved their dreams...

Fifteen years ago, two brilliantly talented women decided to start a jewellery brand and name it Jaidaa. Founders Iman Farouk and Eva Fathy took their love for accessory-making to the public and created products that feel like they came from another era.

"The name Jaidaa derives from the reference in the Quran," say co-owner Ava Fathy. The spiritual ladies blend their heritage and culture with silver or gold, creating exotic, valuable pieces with a twist. They make everything from necklaces and rings to bracelets and anklets using precious and semi-precious stones that give the pieces an air of elegance.

"Three years ago we contributed our pieces to an auction in Paris, by Coutaue Begarie," Fathy proudly tells us. "Our main goal is to connect what is 'up-to-date' to authenticity, and that makes our brand special; it's what makes us, us."

We speak about the little details that give a piece the touch of perfection, future plans for the brand and the escalation of the Egyptian fashion scene. "Right now, our aim is to always update our designs and materials, but always leave a sign of our culture in it. Like a token in a piece of neck-wear," Fathy gushes.

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