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Jayda Hany: The Future Of Footwear

Jayda Hany creates handcrafted futuristic heels with 3D technology that will instantly blow your mind.

Breaking the cultural and design norms in Egypt, designer Jayda Hany creates innovative heels that are unusually eye-catching. Being an Architectural Engineering student at the American University in Cairo, Hany moved to London after graduation and entered London College of Fashion for footwear design. Recently, she launched her brand, Jayda Hany, after completing her masters in 2015. Her futuristic designs instantly intrigued us; will this be the future of footwear? Look, Ma! I'm wearing transparent shoes!

The designer believes that it's crucial for designers to make use of the everyday technology that surrounds us. “I have always viewed a shoe as a mobile structure that is carrying the human body. I noticed the strong relationship between my past profession as an architect, footwear, and fashion as a whole,” she explains. Her brand uses advanced 3D technology, along with handcrafted techniques, to create these contemporary masterpieces. Hany aims to create these state-of-the-art shoes with practicality and design, honouring the consumer’s intelligence.

She also provides transparency to show the mechanism and structure of the products. “I generated my identity as a futuristic designer who has an eye for structure and respect for the traditional making techniques,” Hany reveals. Furthermore, she believes that it is essential to keep an open mind as to how the designer’s role in the fashion industry has changed over the past years to refine design.

Check out her Instagram page here and Facebook page here.

Photography By Rami Bittar.