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Katy Perry Releases Ancient Egypt Inspired Sandals

Emblazoned with the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Ankh, Katy Perry's new sandals reflect the pop star's longstanding fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture.

International pop star Katy Perry just released a line of ‘The Geli’ sandals for her Katy Perry Collections label, and two of them are entirely inspired by the time she visited Egypt for her 35th birthday with her beau, Orlando Bloom, in late 2019. Emblazoned with the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Ankh, the sandals are joined by high heel shoes called ‘The Pyramids’, whose heels are actually pyramid shaped. This line of footwear is just the latest piece of work to reflect Katy Perry’s longstanding fascination with Ancient Egypt. Who could forget the time she dressed up as Ancient Egyptian royalty in her 2014 music video for ‘Dark Horse’?

This isn’t even the first time her shoes included Ancient Egyptian references, either. Back in April, she released a pair of heels and flats called ‘The Layla’, featuring the Eye of Horus.

The shoes aren’t currently available at local retailers, but can be shipped to the United States through or