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Keep Calma & Carry On With These Dreamy Girl Aesthetics

In order to build a portfolio that expresses their whimsical personality, Calma combines one-of-a-kind vintage pieces with their own (in-house) collections.

With an Instagram feed akin to that of a personal art gallery, Calma - a riff on founder Salma El Fawal’s name - is the local online vintage shop reminiscent of London’s Shoreditch high street shops and New York City’s Soho boutiques. Brimming with everything gold-dipped, leather and eccentric, Calma amalgamates one-off vintage pieces with their own in-house collections in order to create a portfolio that speaks to their whimsical nature. 

Calma is sensual and playful, but most importantly, it’s the tactile embodiment of ‘girl meets boy at a vintage bookstore and bond over Dostoevsky and Leninist thought amongst its grimey shelves’. It's also animatedly feminine, and experimental, nudging you to channel the art school undergrad side of you that periodically experiments with different renditions of Americanos - and an unsettling amount of chain harnesses - only to settle for the more moderate ‘Calma’s’ of aesthetics.

Their Cocoon Net pouches revitalise the classic woven beach bag silhouette we see on the likes of Longchamp and Loewe. Their Jenny pouches slip seamlessly onto your wrists and are an indirect reimagining of the Bottega pouches pervading the current bag scene. A more demure take on geometric designs, Calma’s Chequered totes serve as the perfect everyday staple piece to elevate the more unassertive of outfits.