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Krak Baby to Launch New Line

With a recipe that already has tons of people hooked, streetwear company, Krak Baby is releasing a new collection that's a far cry from their usual aesthetic. They'll be bringing a new product to the streets with a Thai flavour...

Krak Baby cooked up one of the first authentic Egyptian streetwear recipes a couple years back and have since made a killing bringing the people of Egypt their fashion fix by splicing together forward-thinking fashion trends with a maybe-not-so-healthy dose of 80s and 90s pop culture to create a product in a class all its own. Their online stash of snapbacks, beanies, t-shirts, and sweaters has hooked a customer base so addicted that these guys are having a hard time keeping their stuff in stock.

Nostalgia-laden products featuring icons from your childhood all “Kraked” out are some of the most popular offerings; fast food mascots' mugshots (no doubt for trans fats possession charges), along with cartoon and video game characters wearing the Nemes on t-shirts. We never thought we would want a shirt with Johnny Bravo on it so badly. Also, Diddy Kong with pants and no shirt is strangely more unsettling than the reverse.

Their newest concoction that will soon be pushed to the streets is their authentic Krak Thai pants. You may have understood what those words mean separately but, when they put them all in a row, it’s easy to see how we may have lost you. Basically, they’re rockin’ stylish sweatpants that will make your days lounging about and binge-watching illegally downloaded TV shows a lot more trendsetting.

These hand-made Thai pants mark a stark departure from the pop culture-filled, tongue-in-cheek style that has worked so well for the company thus far. Like the rest of Krak Baby’s products, these things are going to be in high demand.

So you best sign up with your email at ASAP get notified when the deal drops.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @krakbaby.