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Kult Kairo's 'Glow' Collection Sheds New Light on Cairo's Street Fashion

Kult Kairo's unique vintage creations are environmentally friendly and especially made for each person.

kult kairo glow

There's nothing more annoying than finding a bunch of people wearing the same clothes as you. Kult Kairo aims to turn our fashion woes on their heads by selling only one unique piece of each design so that anyone can feel special. Designer and co-founder Omar Hany launched his new brand to bring one-of-a-kind 80’s and 90’s-inspired pieces to Egypt, starting with his latest collection, 'Glow'.

“What inspired us to start our brand is that we wanted to bring the clothing style we encountered in Berlin back to Cairo," Omar Hany told CairoScene. "We wanted to make our vintage clothes accessible to everyone, when before it was always exclusive to a small group of people.”

It’s not surprising that vintage-style tracksuits are the next sports-inspired trend to infiltrate the streets. When it comes to 'Glow', comfort remains a top priority, with an emphasis on oversized silhouettes, unisex designs and striking colours. Hany stressed the value they place on their environmentally friendly materials by repurposing vintage items and avoiding plastic bags by any means. He also clarified that there is a clear message behind their unique designs.

“Our collection of jackets and tracksuits are carefully chosen to make our customers stand out and glow with colourful and unique designs," Hany told CairoScene. "I want to send a message that anyone could wear our clothing, no matter their gender or their interests.”

With Kult Kairo's accessible collection, you can expect to find a crop of new fashionistas “glowing” in the streets of Cairo with their own unique styles and personal flair.